Basement Walls – Make Yours Look Like They Were Designed By HGTV

Are you one of the countless homeowners who have no idea what to do about your basement walls? The general consensus is, put some “off white” paint on your walls and call it a day. That common solution is the reason a lot of people have problems with how their downstairs looks.

If you polled one thousand homeowners, a high percentage would acknowledge that their downstairs living space seems to be a dull and dreary part of their home.

Most of the people who have this misconception never realize that they can turn their basement into a room that is far better and far more appealing than they may have ever dreamed. It is a good idea to consider some of the other options when it comes to dressing your walls. As you will learn, there are plenty of options to make your walls come to life.

Painting Basement Walls – Simple and Effective

The biggest problem people have is that they are not focused on providing simple and effective methods of changing the design, as well as the feel and the aura of their rooms. For basement walls, the only thing that some people need - in order to make a wholesale change in their design - is to look for a color that is going to make the rest of the features really stand out.

Often, wood floors will not stand out, and look great unless the wall paint is the perfect complementary color. This is why it is so important to think outside of the box if you want to dramatically improve the looks of your downstairs.

Design Like An Interior Designer

There are plenty of paint colors that you can use if you desire to make your walls look amazing! Look for colors that fit with your theme. Moreover, be creative by considering different textures. Below are the designs used by some of the best interior designers.

  • Popcorn With Glass Texture
  • Orange Peel Texture
  • Plaster Sand Texture
  • Linen Texture
  • Tissue Paper Texture
  • Crackle Texture
  • Swirl Texture
  • Lace Texture
  • Skip Trowel Texture
  • Half-Wall Texture

As you can see, with any of these options, you are sure to improve the look of your rooms. Taking it a step further, let’s say you have a modern or contemporary theme; that being the case, unique colors together with a custom texture might be a great option.

Consider this a friendly reminder; don't forget to implement basement flooring ideas as well as basement ceiling options while deciding on your basement wall design. This PSA, Public Service Announcement is directed at those who may be venturing into their first basement remodel. As is the case with many newbies, it's easy to overlook the obvious. This is one of those projects where all the facets, (floor, ceiling, wall, etc.) work together in symphony - if you want the best outcome.

What about older homes that have a rustic, quaint, or an old fashion feel? Sometimes a subtler approach is required to meld together the old classical and colonial styles with today’s paint.

basement wall ideas

Wall Paper – A Neat Little Secret

It never ceases to amaze me how few homeowners consider applying wallpaper to their walls. As it stands, the only times owners think of using wallpaper is when it is suggested by an interior designer.

Barring that input, most people are conditioned to make a trip to their local Home Depot, Lowe’s, True Value Hardware or whichever hardware store they use, and order paint. Other alternatives such as wallpaper, are never even looked at.

There are so many other benefits of using wallpaper; too many to mention here. In summation, the designs seem to be endless. With wallpaper, you can match any theme and create any type of ambiance that you desire.

Interior Stone Walls

Another option most homeowners rarely consider for their basement walls would be interior stone walls. As you may know, stone - a natural material - brings a type of natural charm and warmth that will completely upgrade the comfort level of any room. In so many ways, these designs connects you with nature. It gives a home an earthly tone that makes relaxing second nature. If you decide to go with this option, keep in mind that a fireplace is the perfect complement.

A Picture Is Worth More Than a Thousand Words

Have you ever entered a room that had an instantaneous and profound charm? Most likely that room was infused with pictures that made the room take on an atmosphere that literally warmed your heart. Pictures have a way of adding an artistic harmony to any living space. The beautiful thing is, you have an unlimited number of options available starting with your family pictures. All in all, your basement walls should never be dull, boring or passé; they should look like they were designed by HGTV!