Basement Decorating Ideas To Get Your Creativity Flowing

Basement Pool Room With Media Center

Basement Pool Room With Media Center

In today’s landscape of interior designers and experienced contractors, basement decorating ideas have taken an amazing turn into the grandiose. Even if you have a great looking basement as a net result of investing a considerable amount of time and money on the flooring and ceiling, decorating your downstairs should be of the utmost of importance.

When you are trying to get the full basement decorated, there are a few things you want to consider throughout the process. First and foremost, consider all of the methods that you are using for decorating.

Basement Themes Turn The Mundane Into Amazing

During this process you want to determine how many of these methods, if any, are cost effective and how many will land you in the proverbial accountant’s red ink. Choosing to decorate your basement based on themes can be overly expensive. For example, choosing to go with any of the costly themes such as a; Pool Room, Media Room, Game Room, etc. Yes, these themes are costly but they are well worth the investment.

We once had a couple who wanted to recreate a London Pub in their basement. Amongst other things, they opted for: stained glass windows, pub lanterns and custom sconces as well as a media room that sat 60 people. Needless to say, their’s was an expensive endeavor.

We had another couple who wanted the vibe of a well stocked bar as well as a pool room fit for a private club. When it was all said and done, they ended up with an executive pool table, a crazy media room and a wet bar that would make Angel’s Share, in East Village, New York look like a child’s toy room.

Keep in mind, never decide on a theme or decorating concept until you have researched at least a dozen layouts. You may find that your initial choice pales in comparison to some of the other options you have perused.

Using a combination of pictures, videos, magazine articles, websites and information from the experts, you will be able to put your basement decorating ideas together and see what works best for you. Everyone is different and there are a lot of diverse options that you can choose from. No matter what kind of home or basement you have, decorating can be a great way to make it look a lot nicer without spending a ton of money.

Basement Painting and Color Tones

Color is a huge part of the design of any room and getting a unique color for your basement can turn it around completely. No matter what fixtures you have and all the beautiful furniture and other items, you can’t escape the color of the room and most people who visit will see the color element first. With the right combination of color and furniture that goes with it, you can have a great looking downstairs.

For most of the time, if you are trying to do a basement painting project, it makes sense to get a friend or expert who has a design sense to come help you pick out colors. Generally speaking, experts who come up with themes and design concepts on a daily basis, usually provide unbiased opinions of what looks worthy with your current setup.

If the paint is not enough, getting some paintings or other type of artwork of what you love can be a great way to decorate the basement. Maybe put some movie posters of your favorite movies or even just get a comic collection framed and placed on the wall. Whatever you think is nice for your home should be placed on the wall to give it a sense of yourself. Without it, there is no feeling, no character, and no conversation starters. You will find that putting what you love on the walls may not be the best design sense, but it makes sense for your room.