Basement Bathroom Ideas That Will Make You Look Like a Pro

Basement Bathroom With Glass Door Entry

Basement Bathroom With Glass Door Entry

If you are thinking, toilets, bidets, washing basins, showers, bathtubs, saunas, wall color and the such, absorbing various basement bathroom ideas are going to be essential to carry out your project. That is, if you desire to get this done without any costly hitches. This is one of those projects that takes a lot of thought prior to setting a course. Although it may not seem like it at the moment, building a restroom respite that is unique and enjoyable can be difficult at times.

In many instances, you will start off with a small basement bathroom to work in. On average, there are only so many things that can be placed in a basement with limited space. Whatever the case may be, a traditional basement lavatory is definitely one of the hardest options to plan with limited space. Not only is putting a bathroom in the basement a potentially difficult and time consuming task, but most likely it is one that costs a lot of money.

When attempting to carry out such a design, there might be other issues to keep in mind (like plumbing!) as well.  Take heed to the following advice on designing and implementing design ideas. If you only glean one valuable nugget, it will help you develop something that is right for you that hopefully won’t cost you more money and time than what you have to offer. It goes without saying that in order to avoid the common cost overruns, you need to make sure that you have your budget lined up and mapped out. Cost overruns can turn an otherwise amazing DIY project into a colossal headache

Restroom Space Limitations

Aside from cost overruns and attempting to implement exciting traditional plans, one of the biggest challenges faced by homeowners concerning this type of project is not respecting the amount of space they have or don’t have. If you are dealing with twenty-eight square feet of space, you cannot reasonably expect to install a full bath and a shower, a washing basin, a scale plus a bidet. There is simply not enough space! That stated, you have options. You can expand your space. The potential drawback is, that option is going to cost. Plus, you may also need to pull permits, but overall, it’s worth the hassle.

The less costly option is to work with the space you have. That means working with less than a traditional basement bathroom. It also means, some of the luxuries such as a charming glass door and other amenities you might be used to. Put in a half bath. Maybe include a standup shower and a compact washing basin. Use your imagination to come up with viable solutions that will will comfort those who utilize this restroom. A small basement bathroom is not the end of the world.

Improving The Basement

The first thing that you can do in order to improve the basement bathroom experience is to look for ideas that will help to get the floor to function properly and look nice at the same time. For some people who love wood floors, it is a bad idea to put it in the bathroom. The wood can get warped from humidity and moisture. Aside from the wood, it is possible to use something along the lines of ceramics, but they can get slippery when wet. In a closed environment like a basement bathroom, tile might not be the greatest option. However, if you just have a bathroom and not a shower, it might not be such a bad idea.

Regular stone can be a great way of flooring the basement and it will not cost that much money if the bathroom is relatively small. Just see what kind of stone fits into your budget and then determine if you want to make that kind of purchase.  Most of the time, you will find that the basement bathroom ideas hinge on the fixtures and the wall decorations.

If you have fixtures already in place, replacing them might be too expensive for your budget. Try to make sure they are similar in style to each other and then you can place things on the wall that compliment them. This can even be a great paint color that fits any style!  You can search for and find a seemingly endless number of potential basement bathroom ideas. Start online with sites like Basement Helper. Once you assemble what you believe to be a number of options, it’s time to decide which options best suit your needs. Remember, never limit yourself!