Bad Basement Wall Insulation Can Increase Your Monthly Electric Bill

Basement Walls Partially Finished

Basement Walls Partially Finished

The technology of basement wall insulation has changed how the world views and deals with cold and hot weather. No matter where you live, this modern luxury has most likely spoiled you when it comes to temperature. The ability to live in the hottest as well as the coldest climates and barely feel any heat or cold has made it possible for people to reside in all parts of the globe, and do it comfortably.

It goes without saying that there is a lot of expertise that goes into cars and into industrial and commercial buildings when it comes to temperature control. Suffice it to say, our homes need the same type of in depth technical considerations. When insulating a home from outside temperatures, implementing the improper process can have drastic implications for the temperature of the room. Additionally, it can thrust undue strain your HVAC system as well as dramatically increase your electricity bill.

During any given winter, [and summer] countless homeowners are faced with skyrocketing heating and/or air conditioning bills, all because their walls are not up to par, usually, the insulation is the culprit. This is why many electric companies offer no-cost in-home inspections. These checkups vary from company to company, but can cover the duct system, HVAC system, insulation, windows and doors and crawl space.

Why Get An Inspection?

These inspections are critical because the electric companies aim to help consumers reduce their electric bills through proper energy conservation. They will insure that you have: the proper windows, and all of your doors are sealed correctly and that you have the right type of doors. They will inspect your duct system for leaks as well as for obstructions. They will inspect your home for air leaks and they will make certain that the insulation in your attic, crawl space and walls are the right rating.

Not performing this type of inspection can be a costly oversight. Homeowners who fail or refuse to winterize and/or weatherproof their home, [whether they use their electric company or a private company to perform the inspection] generally end up getting hit with wallet clinching electric bills. Duly note; these exorbitantly high bills can be averted.

One collective downfall for many homeowners is the matter of not addressing the basement wall insulation. Hence, the reason numerous basements have become energy goblins. Never take this issue lightly if you want to save money; energy prices are too volatile to take chances with energy conservation.

Insulation and Framing

In the process of having an inspection done, there are a number of areas you need to be cognizant of. For starters, it is a good idea to see how the insulation fits inside the framing and whether you need to upgrade or replace any portions. Sometimes you will find that the insulation fits perfectly with the framing inside of the wall and that it is the proper rating. If not, you need to decide if you can handle the project yourself, or, if you need to hire a professional. Whatever the case may be, basement wall insulation is an important part of keeping your home at the temperature that you want, while keeping the energy costs to a minimum.