Basement Bar Plans Are The Beginning Point Of All The Fun!

An Amazing Bar With Poker Table

An Amazing Bar With Poker Table

Basement bar plans anyone? There are a lot of homeowners, (especially in the United States) who have their own design ideas and would love to have their own personal bar within the confines of their home space. Television shows such as Cheers, that featured a warm and comical atmosphere around a watering hole, has forever imprinted into the minds of many Americans, the pleasant experiences that wet bars can make. Oh, and let’s not forget the lasting friendships!

Custom Bar Area

The fact that homeowners can build a custom bar area to suit their particular needs makes it a much more convenient to entertain guests and have friends over. If your dream is to have an entertainment oasis that includes your own watering hole, you need to spend some time perusing and researching the various basement bar plans.

Let’s face it, a good percentage of people who are trying to enjoy themselves like to sit back and have a drink. Why not do it in the safety of your own home? After the build out, you will save some money, for sure! But, the most important aspect is, having a wet bar in your home is an excellent way to entertain guests and have a good time.

Think about all of the Super Bowl parties you can host. And, what about the NBA Playoffs or the MLB Championship. You can be the host to some positive, lasting memories. This article can give you a few tips and tricks to utilize basement bar plans to your advantage. Get started today! Create something special that your family and friends will cherish and enjoy for a lifetime.

Building Your Bar

Having a wet bar within your home is a lot of fun, but prior to the enjoyment, you need to put in some work. The first step in realizing your dream is coming up with the right design for your budget and available space. Those two critical points cannot be overemphasized. Cost overruns and space restrictions can quickly put a damper on the most exquisite of plans. Secondly, is safety. Especially, if you have children. You want to make sure that your bar is child safe.

This is why putting your personal entertainment vision on paper is the first step in making certain that your goals don’t involve cost overruns, code restriction violations, and/or space distortions or safety concerns. You want to build an entertainment space that is fun, safe and sustainable.

Professional Planners

A lot of professional planners will tell you that a bar should go into the interior of a basement rather than near an exterior wall. Put it where it is next to or up against the home on the inside rather than the outside. This protects it from a number of problems, but it is not a necessity. One can build a bar on an exterior wall, but it requires some strategic planning and the right materials. As you would imagine, taking that option adds to your costs.

Once you decide on the best basement bar plans for your budget and space, you will need to decide if you are going to go the DIY Do It Yourself route, hire a general contractor or hire a company that specializes in basement remodels. Of course, you can also check out any of the remodeling diy chatrooms to glean more tips on great room design.

Some other things to keep in mind? If you plan on having the type of bar that will include a wine cellar or possibly an automated beer on tap system, video games, pinball machines, etc., then your investment is going to be a lot higher but so is your FUN! Most importantly, you are going to want to have the spacing right, so that the bar can handle all the room that you need! Get a professional to complete this project for you if you need to, but don’t be apprehensive if you want to try this project yourself. Duly noted, we just lightly scratched the surface as it pertains to basement bar plans.

Author: James Downing