Basement Carpet Ideas That Save You Time And Money

Basement Of Luxury Home

Basement Of Luxury Home Featuring Plush Carpet

Many individuals do not realize the power that comes with a comfortable and high quality basement carpet. Going the cheap route can lend itself to forcing you to prematurely replace your carpet. It is a known fact that cheap carpet wears rapidly. If you have ever witnessed businesses that lay cheap carpet in high traffic areas, you likely know the net result and none of it is good. They are forced to clean their carpet more frequently. They also suffer from eyesore type bald spots and worst of all, playing on lower grade carpet is a no-no!

Moreover, when cutting corners, one can expect the carpet pad and the carpet underlayment, to be third class, if it exists at all. Installing carpeting takes the right carpet, the right tools and professional installers. Barring all of the above, you will end up with basement carpeting that looks and feels horrible. A finished basement should bring you joy, not regret.

Carpet Ideas Can Make a Difference

Unfortunately, there is a high percentage of homeowners who erroneously perceive this issue. To them, in reference to building out or redesigning their basement, the grade of carpet is low on their list of priorities. The cost savings in choosing a high quality basement carpet cannot be overstated. You will save money on cleaning. You will save money as far as wear and tear because high quality lasts. Ever heard of thermaldry basement carpet? Investing a little more money in this type of carpet will bring years of enjoyment. Additionally, you will have the enjoyment of playing on the floor and not be subject to rug burns.

Insuring that you make the right choice affords you the ability to get all the benefits your basement can and should offer. In most basements that we have designed and built, the homeowners initially ended up selecting carpet for the common areas such as the entertainment room, the bedrooms and all of the areas that family and guests frequent. Generally speaking, people want to lay and play on a comfortable floor and relax. This is especially true where children are concerned. But! Before you make an ironclad decision to go with carpet, you should look at basement flooring pictures. Who knows, you may see something that peeks your interest aside from carpet. That said, you need to be aware of these five critical rules concerning this matter.

Rule #1
Do not install carpet in any basement that has moisture issues.

Rule #2
Do not install carpet in a basement that does no have adequate flood protection.

Rule #3
Do not install carpet without a sub floor.

Rule #4
Your carpet must be properly installed.

Use carpet squares if at all possible.

Carpet needs to be installed in a basement that is free of moisture. That point cannot be understated! Additionally, you need to have flood protection. This is especially true if you live in a locale that is known to have rain, flood and/or experience hurricane issues. More importantly, if the installation is not done professionally, “according to spec” the basement flooring environment can rapidly morph into a damp, moldy homeowner disaster.

Advantages of Carpet In Your Basement

With all that I have shared thus far, there are a variety of advantages of having carpet in your basement and it is a good idea to consider all of them before making a final decision. One of the advantages is that it is super easy to clean. A lot of people complain about how bad carpet is in terms of getting dirty and having spills, but the reality is a lot different than the false assumptions. In reality a lot of people are focused on the spills, but not how easy it is to clean them. When something disastrous happens to wood (such as furniture scratching, etc.), that is a difficult repair; with carpet it is easy.

The easy fixes of carpets are perfect for children who like to play games in the basement. You do not have to spend too much money trying to fix and clean it at all, but it is also useful because you can prevent injuries due to how comfortable it is. Take all of these issues into consideration and you’ll have a much better chance of making the right decision concerning your flooring options.