The Best Basement Makeovers Start With Great Planning

Basement With Pool Table And Bar

Basement With Pool Table And Bar

A word of advice; basement makeovers are not for the faint of heart. If you have ever yearned for your basement to be transformed into a modern day entertainment refuge, take notes. Astonishingly, many homeowners have convinced themselves that such a project is not difficult or expensive; nothing is further from the truth.

To be clear, I’m not attempting to strike fear into your heart or budget; what I’m attempting to do is make sure you have a true dose of reality. The last thing you want to do is start this type of project only to be thwarted in midstream. Have you ever seen a partially finished basement? They look horrendous!

There are countless individuals who started this type of project without the proper planning and ended up experiencing the proverbial homeowner’s dread. They discounted the planning phase or they just skipped it altogether and went right into the building phase. Why is the planning stage so critical?

There are few basement makeovers that go well without planning. Make sure you have a clear vision of why you are renovating. Is your goal a media room that includes a large screen TV or an equally large projector? What about including movie seats along with an actual theater type atmosphere? Are you planning on adding a wet bar? What about a game room? How about a bathroom, a fireplace or a bedroom?

How you are going to use this space determines your makeover plans. If you are adding a bathroom in your basement, you will need a plumbing designed specifically for basements. If you are adding an entrance from the basement that goes into your yard, you will need to think about excavation as well as wall retention and water evacuation.

Your Basement Renovation Plans Need Forethought

Another overlooked but critical part of the renovation process, is knowing what type of furniture you will be acquiring. Furniture is a substantial section of each and every interior and exterior design and can be one of the most problematic areas to address. You have to match your furniture with your walls, flooring and overall scheme and/or theme.

What type of look and feel are you aiming for? Are you seeking to be trendy? Old fashion? Contemporary? Eclectic? Are you looking for furniture for a Man Cave? Or, furniture that can withstand a crew of children jumping up and down as if they have no care in the world? Again, basement makeovers require some serious forethought.

When it comes to interior design, modern furniture can be tricky to work with way beyond the issue matching furniture with your color scheme. You also need to be cognizant of getting large furniture into the various rooms in your basement.

We once had a basement makeover where we had to excavate a side of the house in order to get refrigerator, pool table and an extremely large Flat Panel television into the downstairs. There simply was no other way. The homeowners were great to work with because they had pre-planned for the additional costs.

In the final analysis, everything will go well as long as your plan is clearly laid out. Above everything is your budget. Unless you have a checking account that has an endless supply of cash, make sure that your vision does not exceed your financial means. Remember, you can always delay your basement makeover project until you have enough funds to proceed without financial worries.